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1 Jul

Confession Time.

It’s 4:48pm on July 1st and my life has changed yet has not at all. I’m anxious from coffee, feeling inspired but am too tired (or is it lethargy?) to write any of my true ideas down. I fee like writing but not what I should. I am fearful of rejection, the future and missing out on opportunities never given in result of my fear.

It’s crazy because you can be so happy for or envious of other people who are on the grind and successful, realize your potential if you would only step out and still not believe your potential and talent can measure up to anything. That’s how I feel. I believe a lot of that has to do with fear.

Over the years, I have dealt with rejection in every aspect of life: as a writer, as a lover, as a friend, etc. Overtime, that rejection builds and it takes self-patience, love and support from others and your acceptance of that love and support to be free of it. Still sometimes, even when you have been set free from the haunting of rejection, it tends to come back, especially when you start to compare yourself to others and belittle yourself for being so behind on your life plans.

When rejection comes to haunt you, don’t let it. When jealousy creeps up on you, congratulate that person. When inspiration hits you, do not let it go.

Let me confess something obvious. I am learning from my own words as I believe every writer does at some point or another.

This post is not only for writers. It is for everyone who creates. Musicians, Dancers, Filmmakers, Photographers, you name it, you do it and keep doing it.


Do NOT be rocked by fear or past rejection or even by those people chatting, ‘No, you can’t’ because they don’t understand your artistry or don’t like how you look or you in general.

No matter where you stand in life now, wherever you stand later should not be influenced by people who don’t stand for you.

Because at the end of the day, whether you pursue your passions or give up, they won’t like you anyway.

And that’s okay because I will. The people who are cheering for you now and are inspired by you later will. They are who matter.

You can have potential.

You can have talent.

You can have fear.

But you must, most of all, have perseverance.

You story starts with you. Start writing.



23 Jan

Anyone who has known me for a great amount of time knows my heart for Kendrick Lamar. You know the Grammy-nominated rapping phenomena of a scholar from California that’s walking this very Earth at this very moment.


Well, folks, the love has thickened. 

Recently (January 8th, 2014) Kendrick Lamar was interviewed by Billboard Magazine. He covered a lot of topics ranging from his Grammy snub to his thoughts in regards to the Michael Brown case to the highly anticipated drop of new album. However, out of the many topics he covered for the magazine, one quote stuck out to me.

“She’s doing her thing,” Lamar tells Billboard. “Let her. People have to go through trials and tribulations to get where they at. Do your thing, continue to rock it, because obviously God wants you here.”

 Now just reading that, you wouldn’t know that he was talking about Iggy Azalea, who many rappers have been giving mixed opinions about. Of course, Kendrick being Kendrick wouldn’t be caught dead saying anything rude to tear anybody down because that’s not what he’s about. He’s about truth and positivity and art.

Just to put it plainly.

 ain't nobody

Now to the meat and potatoes (which sounds so friggin’ good right now). The second I read that quote, I went back and read it again and again. I smiled and I teared up a bit. Because even though he was talking about Iggy Azalea, it applied so much to my current situation. And boy did I need to read it that very second. In the moment, that quote hit me like the words of the great Shakespeare. (You know, if Shakespeare had actually written those darn good plays and wasn’t just a good businessman.)

Even so, that quote is my new favorite of the year thus far. I thought about getting it tattooed inside my upper arm for about an hour. (too long, possibly too painful)

It also reminded me of Psalms 42:5, which crazy enough was the scripture I woke up to in my devotional this morning. Even crazier, this is the first year I’ve read that scripture and didn’t break down because I felt so empty inside and the encouragement felt like water hitting my droughted soul. It was just nice to be reminded. I had never experienced that before and it was so refreshing. I finally feel as though I am finding who I am in God and loving the way He has created me.

Let’s also talk about the fact that Kendrick wasn’t even trying to be cathartic–and reestablish his reign on my favorite person of all time list–but HE TOTALLY DID! The guy is a legend, people.

And God’s timing scares me with its perfection.

–Joni Bing x

P.S. His new single ‘i’ is my current theme song! Check it out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aShfolR6w8 

Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6436268/kendrick-lamar-billboard-cover-story-on-new-album-iggy-azalea-police-violence-the-rapture

Is Music Dying A Slow, Fist Pumping Death?

19 Dec

What’s it been two weeks?!?! Really sorry guys, the Christmas season takes a lot of time away from musicians/writers/students. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Now on with the blog:

Let’s talk music. I love it all from Hip-Hop to Indie (which is my favorite actually) to Alternative to you get the point…but some of this mainstream music (ahem, Pop) is starting to kill a sista.

or  http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsd91jNwz91qjt9wt.gif 

(if you can’t see it)

Literally, I was just looking at the new Now That’s What I Call Music whatever year they’re on now commercial and every unz-unz in every song sounded the same! I’m musically inclined so my first instinct was to start clapping to see if the beat stayed the same and guess what I found?!…but I digress.

My point in writing this blog isn’t to start bashing Jersey Shore (no matter how bad I truly want to), my point is to discuss mainstream music in general. Why is it that genres like Indie and Punk Rock aren’t played as often on the radio now? Music with meaningful lyrics? (Lyrics other than the kind advertising the “making babies” process and drugs?) Whatever happened to head banging, hair swinging bands like Green Day and groups like Outkast being played on the radio to dance crazy to? And how in the world did we go from thinking dancing free but on beat was cool to pumping our fists in place and grinding on guys?

So, here’s my generation cry out letter.

Dear Generation X,Y,and possibly Z,

Youtube it up! Find that musical genius that’s gonna save us from thinking up more dance moves that’ll have us regretting our nights out.

#Joni Juelissa ❤

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