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New Projects, New Attitude

11 Jan
vv The tiger: Will somebody come look at this?! Look at this! vv
There’s a lot I plan on accomplishing this year. But I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever get any of it done. For instance, I’d love some new blog followers, BUT I never really have time to blog with my schedule (Otherwise, I’d probably blog like every other hour; life has a way of becoming a story the second my fingers hit the keyboard).

Then, there’s the masquerade ball coming up at school. Now, being a senior and all this is a big deal for me! It’s my pretty much my last opportunity to admit things–like crushes. But why do that? I’m a girl! THEY–those darn boys–should be doing the asking. Then…

The announcement blared the worst for my anxiety’s sake: Leap year. And what do leap years involve?

Sadie Hawkins. Darn that girl…if she ever really existed. (She didn’t, according to Wikipedia (which I DON’T use, of course not!…It’s based off an American pseudo-holiday due to an old comic strip, apparently?)

On my writer’s side of life (I know that makes no sense just keep reading), I’m getting new projects like crazy! I can’t wait to post one in the future for you guys–for whomever is actually reading this and not just accidentally clicking here…hahaha?
But you’ll have to wait for now…or head over to and look up Joni Juelissa. That’s right ! I’m there! And I have followers, which is a great fact to know as a writer!
#Joni Juelissa ❤

Let’s Talk About…Anxiety and Speechlessness

5 Jan
It’s one of those days. That awesome day that’s so awesome you have nothing to complain about or talk about it…wait, I take that last one back there’s ALWAYS something to talk about.

Like the fact that doctors just announced that cancer death rates are lowering. That’s AWESOME and something to talk about…but I won’t…something more interesting, more eye grabbing…

I’ve got it! Something other than the fact that I didn’t know what to write before!

Decision Making.

Everyone, at some point in their life has to do it! Up until your twenties (or your teens, depending on your independence) we have to decide things on our own. For example, right now I’m deciding between a lifelong dream or a bright, promising education.

<–This + me=not gonna be in the next few months!!!

My lifelong dream (getting a record deal after being on the X Factor) is a HUGE longshot, but possibly one worth taking whereas my bright and promising education–college–has offered me the opportunity to have a solid job working in the film business (which is my passion)…but in the next four years. One has fast opportunities, one that will get my work noticed in months-a year while the other will take awhile. Both will take work.

This is frickin’ tough.

 <–Definitely don’t want that!!!

The reality of this is either way I choose, I will regret not risking my chances with the other. Sure, if I audition for X Factor and don’t make it that far I just come back home and start college in the next semester, but then that begs the question: how (better yet when) would I make up the semester I missed in order to graudate with my class? AND what will I do while I’m waiting for that semester? Get a job, adjust my life into a doldrum (deep depression) state? Become a hermit?

Taking chances for that bright future you’ve been imagining since you knew the word music and realized that was what you constantly have been hearing in your head is TOUGH!

All I can do now is pray…and ask for prayer from my lovely blog readers???

<–Please don’t let this be you!!!

(As far as anxiety goes, take a breath and tell yourself that you’re in a safe place. If you’re not, close your eyes and rest your heartbeat because you will be someday. As far as speechlessness, it only takes speaking to cease that! Just babble, you’ll feel better. I’m doing it right now!)

#Joni Juelissa ❤

Shots and Diaries

23 Dec

Nostalgia. I like the word and the memories it upbrings. And being me that always means humorous memories. For those of you blog-hards who don’t know what nostalgia is it’s basically when you desire to return back to a past time in your life. For example, watching Teenick’s late night 90’s TV special and wishing you were seven years old again while doing scholarship essays. (I’ve been doing this all Winter break so far.)


It’s pretty easy to be overtaken in an nostalgic moment. I always find myself going back into my old diaries. (I’ve gone from being in love with That’s So Raven and Lil’ Romeo to Ridiculousness and Hot Hot Heat; how times have changed me.) But to be honest, I’m glad these moments can still happen. I constantly have nightmares about waking up one morning and no old cartoons like As Told By Ginger…. and Teen Titans [which btw AREN’T played anymore 😦 ] can be found to reminisce back on. Speaking of which, let me just say how sorry I am for the future generations. I’ve seen some of these new cartoons (I won’t name any names…for now) and it makes me wanna cry. It makes me want to find the writers and yell, “You know what wholesome humor is! You were brought up watching them! Why are you doing this to us?!”

On the other hand, guess who got their college shots recently? Yep. This girl. I’ve been lucky and have never had the chicken pow before, but still I find myself with a burning arm from a chicken pox vaccination shot. Why and me?

#Joni Juelissa ❤

Followers and Rejections

23 Dec

I keep wondering when my life will get any easier. Maybe it’ll be when I leave for college, maybe when I actually find a guy worth my time, maybe when some awesome-understanding literary agent wants to tell me more than just: Great idea…but I pass. Good luck though.


I’m frustrated, yes, but I have a reason to be. And don’t worry it ends here; I don’t wanna be one of those ridiculous high-on-teen-angst bloggers (if there’s any, I said that for comedic relief).

Alright, followers and rejections……


When I say followers, I mean your friends and those awesome strangers who care about the thoughts of someone they’ve never even met before. It means a lot; especially to someone who needs to vent after a low day. Therefore, those guys (or girls, for the feminists out there) are freakin’ awesome!

When I say rejections, I don’t mean JUST the two sucky letters I’ve received in the past two months from agents who I wanted to represent my first book, (that’s right, I’m getting published soon!). I also mean college rejections and relationship rejections. (Which, ironically enough, I shouldn’t blog about because I’m usually the dumpee).

An epiphany came to me this morning as I woke up all giddy and excited (boy, would I get a rude awakening later): querying literary agents is EXACTLY like applying to colleges. Don’t believe me, let’s dissect the processes:

BOTH must be applied for.

BOTH accept based on qualities (writing style, idea vs. GPA, SAT scores)


BOTH wish you best of luck after rejecting you (Well, actually I’m not entirely sure of that part because I’ve been accepted to every college I applied for).

Anyhoo, it seems this fury of mine ain’t (yes, I’m using this word even though I’m from Queens and ain’t isn’t a word. Screw you, dictionary, because no matter what you say AIN”T is NOT a word) going away.

When I look back on this, I’m probably gonna laugh, but for now.

#Joni Juelissa ❤

It’s Official!

4 Dec

NO idea why I decided to write a confessional already (seeing that I don’t have a legit fanbase yet), but I thought What the Heck? This’ll be fun to look back on when I rule the Internet with my humorous genius. So:

                                                                       It’s Official

  1. I’m sick of atleast a quarter of the people I’m friends with on Facebook.

Let me just PMHO (Pour My Heart Out) on this one. Ya see, I’m friends with different kinds of people: the girls who only talk about how in love they are with their boyfriend, the guys who rant on and on every day about how everyone they know is “stupid” and “I hate the world” <— Of course, I’m just being nice and leaving out the words they really said.

 Then you have those friends who only seem to be online to ask you for favors. Just some examples, “Hey, can I catch a ride to school with you tomorrow?”, “Do you know how (Insert teacher who I swear lives for the joy of torturing us with BS homework’s name here) wants this paper?”, etc.

 I love these people (I mean, I “like” their statuses and stuff and have respect for them), but guys, complaining on Facebook about life sucking? Really? Don’t bum people out with that stuff!

        2. I’ve officially decided to post every day–except Sundays!

 I’m gonna be like the Internet’s Chick-Fil-A or something–I mean, hopefully if I post funny stuff six times a week, eventually someone’ll run across it and pass on the Only Joni goodness! (Speaking of which, right now: Get on Facebook (if you’re not already on) and share this. Go, I’ll wait……..’Kay)

       3. This blog is gonna be frickin’ awesome….or one of the greatest fails of my life if no one reads it!

 No explanation needed hopefully I mean, that’s pretty much self-explanatory!

 So to all you amazing Internet people out there I say: MAKE ME PROUD!

 FB share this, e-mail this to your friends old and new (I’m talking age and friendship status here), Print this out and post it somewhere random (and try not to get arrested in the process).

 Oh! One more thing!


 Comment me about anything (I don’t like haters though so don’t go commenting hater posts). I do appreciate comments so comment back on my posts (what you liked about the post, what you think I should talk more about on the topic of that post, a funny story my post reminded you of, etc.) Which leads me to: SUGGEST.

 Suggest topics for me! (and I don’t say this because I’m already running out of ideas because trust me I’ve constantly got plenty ideas and can go on and on about anything!) But if you have a question or need advice about something, anything just HMU (Joni got you!)

 And don’t forget to follow! I like followers. If this was Tumblr, I’d give all of my followers gifts.

 Fin. (I’ll think of a more creative closing tomorrow!)

#Joni Juelissa ❤

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