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Realize The Dream

17 Jan
“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ve realized Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. The dream that he spent years of hardship–walks with people from all walks of life–trying to establish. What some people of our society fail to realize is that Martin Luther King Jr. did not just stand for black people. Dr. King stood for ALL people of ALL nationalities; for our rights whether rich or poor. He did not stand for Black Power–he stood for People Power. That was the dream, his vision in its entirety.

 <– This is not to offend anymore in anyway and this blog post IS NOT JUST ABOUT BLACK AMERICA. I’m just making a point. This shouldn’t be.

As an African American young adult myself it is sometimes difficult to view our world today. How some kids of our generation have negatively utilized the freedom that our forefathers fought for and have turn this freedom into opportunities to make profits that do not positively impact our world or our future. Instead, they’ve taken this freedom–that our forefathers died for not as long ago as people claim–and have used it to obtain materialistic things. They’ve taken the opportunities to vote, to build your own future, and succeed in life, to instead boast about achievements that have an inkling of relevance in the happiness we gain from life. You ask them What was Dr. King fighting for? What are you standing for now? As a people? As an individual?…and they can’t utter a response. Not because there is no response to retort–there are several–but because they have never thought from that perspective. They’ve never sat back and thought What am I truly living for? What does the freedom that I was born with and the life that I was given truly mean and stand for? How can I continue and improve upon Dr. King’s dream?

 <– I don’t have this difficulty, but getting published to “wake up the world” has its trials.

Maybe I’m just an unorthodox individual. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I think these questions every day. These thoughts rotate in my mind all of the time. It frustrates me to think these thoughts and realize that I have not yet established my own mark on the world. Dr. King was FIFTEEN when he enrolled in college! But I must realize, that I am no Dr. King. I speak eloquently, can write with educated diction, am creative and strong, amiable and diplomatic, but I AM NO DR. KING. No one will ever be. But that is no excuse for our generation and the others to come not to realize the dream and further apply it to our society.

Dr. King had a dream and yes, we are living it, but there is so much more left to be accomplish. My advice: READ, DO, and BELIEVE IN IMPOSSIBILITIES.

Read books–other than fiction, even historical fiction. Read up on current issues, especially around voting season. (I’m talking to my senior classes graduating this year and older!)



Do vote and take care of your community. Realize that your vote counts, your one single voice is more imperative than you’ll ever know. Collectively we can make an impact. As far as tending to your community, charity starts at home. We can’t expect to change the world when we have yet to educate and establish our own people.

Lastly, Believe. Dr. King believed that the way we are living now–being educated together as Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, and yes, Indian people in one classroom, communing with one another as friends and comrades, having a black American president–was possible. Imagine having that vision and never seeing it. That is the only deplorability to Dr. King’s life. But that doesn’t have to happen to us. We can dream out loud and see it unfold before eyes. We can see our dream come to fruition.

Not only be the dream, but realize it, and build your own.

#Joni Juelissa ❤

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