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New Projects, New Attitude

11 Jan
vv The tiger: Will somebody come look at this?! Look at this! vv
There’s a lot I plan on accomplishing this year. But I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever get any of it done. For instance, I’d love some new blog followers, BUT I never really have time to blog with my schedule (Otherwise, I’d probably blog like every other hour; life has a way of becoming a story the second my fingers hit the keyboard).

Then, there’s the masquerade ball coming up at school. Now, being a senior and all this is a big deal for me! It’s my pretty much my last opportunity to admit things–like crushes. But why do that? I’m a girl! THEY–those darn boys–should be doing the asking. Then…

The announcement blared the worst for my anxiety’s sake: Leap year. And what do leap years involve?

Sadie Hawkins. Darn that girl…if she ever really existed. (She didn’t, according to Wikipedia (which I DON’T use, of course not!…It’s based off an American pseudo-holiday due to an old comic strip, apparently?)

On my writer’s side of life (I know that makes no sense just keep reading), I’m getting new projects like crazy! I can’t wait to post one in the future for you guys–for whomever is actually reading this and not just accidentally clicking here…hahaha?
But you’ll have to wait for now…or head over to and look up Joni Juelissa. That’s right ! I’m there! And I have followers, which is a great fact to know as a writer!
#Joni Juelissa ❤

Followers and Rejections

23 Dec

I keep wondering when my life will get any easier. Maybe it’ll be when I leave for college, maybe when I actually find a guy worth my time, maybe when some awesome-understanding literary agent wants to tell me more than just: Great idea…but I pass. Good luck though.


I’m frustrated, yes, but I have a reason to be. And don’t worry it ends here; I don’t wanna be one of those ridiculous high-on-teen-angst bloggers (if there’s any, I said that for comedic relief).

Alright, followers and rejections……


When I say followers, I mean your friends and those awesome strangers who care about the thoughts of someone they’ve never even met before. It means a lot; especially to someone who needs to vent after a low day. Therefore, those guys (or girls, for the feminists out there) are freakin’ awesome!

When I say rejections, I don’t mean JUST the two sucky letters I’ve received in the past two months from agents who I wanted to represent my first book, (that’s right, I’m getting published soon!). I also mean college rejections and relationship rejections. (Which, ironically enough, I shouldn’t blog about because I’m usually the dumpee).

An epiphany came to me this morning as I woke up all giddy and excited (boy, would I get a rude awakening later): querying literary agents is EXACTLY like applying to colleges. Don’t believe me, let’s dissect the processes:

BOTH must be applied for.

BOTH accept based on qualities (writing style, idea vs. GPA, SAT scores)


BOTH wish you best of luck after rejecting you (Well, actually I’m not entirely sure of that part because I’ve been accepted to every college I applied for).

Anyhoo, it seems this fury of mine ain’t (yes, I’m using this word even though I’m from Queens and ain’t isn’t a word. Screw you, dictionary, because no matter what you say AIN”T is NOT a word) going away.

When I look back on this, I’m probably gonna laugh, but for now.

#Joni Juelissa ❤

The Talk

6 Dec

When you have The Talk with my parents, three things are bound to happen:

1. You WILL cry
2. You WILL laugh and
3. You WILL (somehow consensually) confess something you swore you never would.

I don’t know how; they’re like priests or something. I’m just waiting for their confessions of once being a part of the Catholic faith. I mean, they’ve broken people I didn’t think even had feelings…I’ll have to leave the name of that person anonymous.

 <— in case, you can’t see the caption: made even more awkward with the book.

Most of the time, The Talk isn’t even about sex. (except that one time, but I’ll blog about that later). For the most part, it’s about life. They’re based on things I say when I’m pissed off.

What if I don’t wanna go to college?!

…Is it really that wrong to laugh at dirty jokes? (I’m talking racist and sexist here, guys. I have the honor of fitting into both categories. yay!?!?)

What’s wrong with saying douchebag?! <<(This one’s a constant)

You get the point.

 I’m honestly not a cat person at all, but I’ve been posting cat pictures all day…my Jewish friends may be persuading me…Oh. No.

Well, if you’ve had The Talk (you know, that one that was so awkward, or so hilarious–this one’s preferable) or just A Talk (one worth reading on a Monday at 7:40 something-ish at night.) Post back!

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