1 Jul

Confession Time.

It’s 4:48pm on July 1st and my life has changed yet has not at all. I’m anxious from coffee, feeling inspired but am too tired (or is it lethargy?) to write any of my true ideas down. I fee like writing but not what I should. I am fearful of rejection, the future and missing out on opportunities never given in result of my fear.

It’s crazy because you can be so happy for or envious of other people who are on the grind and successful, realize your potential if you would only step out and still not believe your potential and talent can measure up to anything. That’s how I feel. I believe a lot of that has to do with fear.

Over the years, I have dealt with rejection in every aspect of life: as a writer, as a lover, as a friend, etc. Overtime, that rejection builds and it takes self-patience, love and support from others and your acceptance of that love and support to be free of it. Still sometimes, even when you have been set free from the haunting of rejection, it tends to come back, especially when you start to compare yourself to others and belittle yourself for being so behind on your life plans.

When rejection comes to haunt you, don’t let it. When jealousy creeps up on you, congratulate that person. When inspiration hits you, do not let it go.

Let me confess something obvious. I am learning from my own words as I believe every writer does at some point or another.

This post is not only for writers. It is for everyone who creates. Musicians, Dancers, Filmmakers, Photographers, you name it, you do it and keep doing it.


Do NOT be rocked by fear or past rejection or even by those people chatting, ‘No, you can’t’ because they don’t understand your artistry or don’t like how you look or you in general.

No matter where you stand in life now, wherever you stand later should not be influenced by people who don’t stand for you.

Because at the end of the day, whether you pursue your passions or give up, they won’t like you anyway.

And that’s okay because I will. The people who are cheering for you now and are¬†inspired by you later will. They are who matter.

You can have potential.

You can have talent.

You can have fear.

But you must, most of all, have perseverance.

You story starts with you. Start writing.


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