Love Wins

26 Jun

Today, legislation to make same-sex marriage was passed. The trending hashtag: #LoveWins

It’s true. Love does win. But there’s something that needs to be said about that:

Love already won. Love won over 2,000 years ago. Love is knocking on your door. Let love in. If you’ve let love in and are hating and judging those who are loving someone you don’t believe they should then perhaps you should reevaluate if you ever made an acquaintance with Love at all.

Love is Jesus.

Jesus did not call us to judge, He called us to love.

Now, I’m not saying we should accept what clearly goes against what we believe as Christians. No matter what version of the Holy Bible you read, you will never be able to knock what God says about same-sex relationships. However, instead of drowning the world with what you claim to be the truth, let’s try a different approach. Try to see from the perspective of the LGBTQ community.

How would you feel if you were told to reject a part of you that you never even wanted?

How would you feel to be told there’s something wrong with you when all you want is happiness?

How would you feel knowing that a group of people are judging you based on your sexual preference before even getting to know you?

I’m not saying compromise is in order, I am saying love is in order. TRUE FRIENDSHIP is in order. Before you cast a stone, think about the stones that have already been casted and have affected that person to have reached the state they are in now. We all have flaws, closeted sins and fears. Maybe instead of judging one another for them, expressing them out loud to those we trust would do some good.

That’s how church should be for people. A place of sanctuary, love, therapy and community–not hate, bigotry and false kindness.

So LGBTQ community, on behalf of true Christians everywhere: We love you. We may not agree but one thing we cannot deny is the love that Jesus has for you and for me, no matter what you believe. Let’s grab coffee soon! ❤


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