Location Scouting Part 2

30 Mar

Ok, I think I’ve left you all waiting long enough. Now, for the rest of my location scouting day.

Oh, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the link:


Nah, you can scroll down.

Alright, so we’re going down the path where the animals are, the sand got deeper…

OH! Then, we started getting tired…all hope was seeping from our hearts down to the souls of our feet and filling up our shoes–along with the sand we were being buried alive in.

Here’s a picture of me freaking out when I heard wildlife:


After another mile, that’s when we saw civilization. More specifically, a multi-million dollar community with an awesome 18-hole golf course. Thanks to my Tiger Woods crazed father, that last sentence sounded like I actually care to watch the Golf Channel.

This is pretty much how the golf course looked:



Being that the neighborhood is mega-rich, we had to be extra careful about security.


Me hiding from the cops…tehee

We hid behind bushes and trees…for as long as we could until a golf cart came our way. You could only imagine what was going off in my mind…I’ll just show you to save you the trouble.






had to find a reason to use this again.

Yep, that explains it. Luckily, my gorgeous asian friend (you’ll never guess which one) was able to talk us out of it by conversing with the man in the cart and scooting off into the woods again while hoping K-9s wouldn’t come after us. If all did fail with that guy, we already had a plan: We were all friends of hers visiting and she was an adopted child of her grandparents who were out shopping in town so they weren’t home to hear about us terrorizing the neighbors (perks of being a filmie; storytelling is all day, err day 😉


From there, we attempted to get to this beautiful promise land field. It was gorgeous…until we suspected snakes being in the higher grass we were stepping in. Just a reminder, I was wearing these:


I was not about to walk into a pit of snakes (literally).

In the end, it all worked out. We listened to Frank Sinatra and part of the Lion King, which lifted the nature spirit in us to find the perfect field in the reserve that looks like:



Yep, I was pretty happy. This is actually two days ago…well, three now technically.

There’s actually more to this location scout story. Like these awkward pizza guys we met an hour away trying to find a park for the film, this nice ’40s style place with an awesome waitress that gave us really nice water when we came out from our pee stop in the restaurant (yeah, I actually hate that restaurant now; only because of this lady named Kathy; #ew) 

But we didn’t take pictures and I’d hate to bore you all with words, even though I believe I am a darn good writer.

If you guys would like to hear what happened late that night, comment away! It would be so encouraging!

Til then or next time, peace!

-Joni Juelissa ❤




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