Can American Idol Get Any More American?

8 Mar

I don’t know about you but personally American Idol has lost my interest. I’ve loved American Idol ever since I was four foot at the age of seven years old and they’ve turned my favorite show for the past eleven years running into this nightmare where I’m kneeling in front of the T.V. going:

kidding me

(if this picture isn’t moving you should click on it and get yourself a laugh)

You can only imagine how irritated my family is getting of me.

Let’s start off by going a season backward. I’ve got two words for you:

Phillips Phillips


(you see this face ^^^ this should’ve been the face of shame, NOT triumph!)

Now, I know how this is gonna go. You’re either a PP fan who will never read my blog again or you just held your laptop into the air as if it were Simba virtually blessing me for telling the truth! Am I right?

Well, thank you for still reading! I’m glad you agree. And, if you don’t, tell me you can’t after watching who Phillips was up against:

My point exactly! Of course, let’s be real here Joshua Ledet made the top 3. I give props to Jessica Sanchez, but top 2…hmmm

Anyhoo, moving on to this season, I like the judge lineup.


Keith Urban is the man! He’s honest–can be a little too nice at times in my opinion but that’s just the guy he is–he’s actually made me like country music, which is saying a lot in my case because I’m not the hugest fan.

ABC's "Live! With Kelly" - 2012

Nicki Minaj? That’s the girl! Leave it to her to be blunt as heck which I’m in love with. My only thing is some of these contestants that she’s “obsessed with”. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. I love her too much.


Notice how I don’t picture Randy…if you’re a true American Idol fan you should be laughing. If not, here’s the spoiler: Ever notice Randy Jackson takes a sip of Coke after every performance feedback?

Randy…Americanized, in my opinion. I love how Randy speaks from a producer’s point of view but sometimes his occupation shows in his answers, if you can follow me. In other words, like any normal person, Randy loves attention and HATES getting booed. As honest as Randy can be when it comes to the extremely amazing or extremely horrendous performances, his judgments of the in-betweens all depends on the crowd’s reaction to the previous judges’ feedback. Don’t believe it? Then, you probably didn’t watch the first five seasons especially and haven’t watched this season intently enough.

carey tho

And, lastly but NEVER LEAST: Mariah Carey. OMGosh I LOVE HER! She’s so darn sweet. I mean, anything she says whether compliment or one of her “good luck wherever this competition leads you” type statements should be words that you safeguard under your pillow and listen to while you sleep. Of course, being the bluntly honest person that I am, I’m not a fan of all of her feedback, but overall sure.

Getting back to my point and only point, American Idol isn’t how it used to be. I mean, am I the only one who’s a little suspicious about the voting options for this season? Seems pretty easy for their system to leave out a few votes for people they didn’t bet on to go missing, if you ask me. And the lineup for the final 20 this year? Yes, I know it’s top 10 NOW, but the top 20 for season 12?

the nos

I couldn’t find the full lineup so just commenting on the ones above…#swerve except Candice…she’s phenomenal!

I think everyone who sees the picture above and is still reading already knows exactly how I feel about each and every person in the above sooo I’m gonna end by saying: FIXED!

cowell doee

This is Simon after hearing some of Season 12’s top 20. Simon Says ‘Stop This Song and Start Their Plane’

If I could go down the line of the top 20 with a marker and write HOME or STAY above each one, I would’ve done the judges and A LOT of angry Americans like myself a favor. Maybe if I had, Idol wouldn’t have lost the millions of people who moved on to The Voice seasons ago. Or The X Factor (Simon Cowell anyone?).


In my opinion, Idol is no longer the Idol that people like Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia Barrino won seasons ago. It’s no longer American Idol, it’s American Life Story. You got a story? Well, Idol’s got a stage to help you display your wavering pitched talent and show off your legs to compete in our annual Who Wore It Shorter contest to gain you votes for a million dollar record contract you won’t even make an album with! Aww your cat died? Well, here’s a mic sing your little heart, baby!



As you can see, I’m done with the pageantry of Idol! Something’s gotta give and soon because Adam Levine is calling my name!


Adam’s wondering why it’s taking me so long to become a Voicehead.

–Joni Juelissa ❤


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