Let’s Talk About…Anxiety and Speechlessness

5 Jan
It’s one of those days. That awesome day that’s so awesome you have nothing to complain about or talk about it…wait, I take that last one back there’s ALWAYS something to talk about.

Like the fact that doctors just announced that cancer death rates are lowering. That’s AWESOME and something to talk about…but I won’t…something more interesting, more eye grabbing…

I’ve got it! Something other than the fact that I didn’t know what to write before!

Decision Making.

Everyone, at some point in their life has to do it! Up until your twenties (or your teens, depending on your independence) we have to decide things on our own. For example, right now I’m deciding between a lifelong dream or a bright, promising education.

<–This + me=not gonna be in the next few months!!!

My lifelong dream (getting a record deal after being on the X Factor) is a HUGE longshot, but possibly one worth taking whereas my bright and promising education–college–has offered me the opportunity to have a solid job working in the film business (which is my passion)…but in the next four years. One has fast opportunities, one that will get my work noticed in months-a year while the other will take awhile. Both will take work.

This is frickin’ tough.

 <–Definitely don’t want that!!!

The reality of this is either way I choose, I will regret not risking my chances with the other. Sure, if I audition for X Factor and don’t make it that far I just come back home and start college in the next semester, but then that begs the question: how (better yet when) would I make up the semester I missed in order to graudate with my class? AND what will I do while I’m waiting for that semester? Get a job, adjust my life into a doldrum (deep depression) state? Become a hermit?

Taking chances for that bright future you’ve been imagining since you knew the word music and realized that was what you constantly have been hearing in your head is TOUGH!

All I can do now is pray…and ask for prayer from my lovely blog readers???

<–Please don’t let this be you!!!

(As far as anxiety goes, take a breath and tell yourself that you’re in a safe place. If you’re not, close your eyes and rest your heartbeat because you will be someday. As far as speechlessness, it only takes speaking to cease that! Just babble, you’ll feel better. I’m doing it right now!)

#Joni Juelissa ❤


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