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Realize The Dream

17 Jan
“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ve realized Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. The dream that he spent years of hardship–walks with people from all walks of life–trying to establish. What some people of our society fail to realize is that Martin Luther King Jr. did not just stand for black people. Dr. King stood for ALL people of ALL nationalities; for our rights whether rich or poor. He did not stand for Black Power–he stood for People Power. That was the dream, his vision in its entirety.

 <– This is not to offend anymore in anyway and this blog post IS NOT JUST ABOUT BLACK AMERICA. I’m just making a point. This shouldn’t be.

As an African American young adult myself it is sometimes difficult to view our world today. How some kids of our generation have negatively utilized the freedom that our forefathers fought for and have turn this freedom into opportunities to make profits that do not positively impact our world or our future. Instead, they’ve taken this freedom–that our forefathers died for not as long ago as people claim–and have used it to obtain materialistic things. They’ve taken the opportunities to vote, to build your own future, and succeed in life, to instead boast about achievements that have an inkling of relevance in the happiness we gain from life. You ask them What was Dr. King fighting for? What are you standing for now? As a people? As an individual?…and they can’t utter a response. Not because there is no response to retort–there are several–but because they have never thought from that perspective. They’ve never sat back and thought What am I truly living for? What does the freedom that I was born with and the life that I was given truly mean and stand for? How can I continue and improve upon Dr. King’s dream?

 <– I don’t have this difficulty, but getting published to “wake up the world” has its trials.

Maybe I’m just an unorthodox individual. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I think these questions every day. These thoughts rotate in my mind all of the time. It frustrates me to think these thoughts and realize that I have not yet established my own mark on the world. Dr. King was FIFTEEN when he enrolled in college! But I must realize, that I am no Dr. King. I speak eloquently, can write with educated diction, am creative and strong, amiable and diplomatic, but I AM NO DR. KING. No one will ever be. But that is no excuse for our generation and the others to come not to realize the dream and further apply it to our society.

Dr. King had a dream and yes, we are living it, but there is so much more left to be accomplish. My advice: READ, DO, and BELIEVE IN IMPOSSIBILITIES.

Read books–other than fiction, even historical fiction. Read up on current issues, especially around voting season. (I’m talking to my senior classes graduating this year and older!)



Do vote and take care of your community. Realize that your vote counts, your one single voice is more imperative than you’ll ever know. Collectively we can make an impact. As far as tending to your community, charity starts at home. We can’t expect to change the world when we have yet to educate and establish our own people.

Lastly, Believe. Dr. King believed that the way we are living now–being educated together as Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, and yes, Indian people in one classroom, communing with one another as friends and comrades, having a black American president–was possible. Imagine having that vision and never seeing it. That is the only deplorability to Dr. King’s life. But that doesn’t have to happen to us. We can dream out loud and see it unfold before eyes. We can see our dream come to fruition.

Not only be the dream, but realize it, and build your own.

#Joni Juelissa ❤


Stop In The Name Of…JUST STOP!!!

12 Jan


v v v v (Yes, someone did this to a stall at MY school. Ridiculous.) v v v v

  What I can’t seem to comprehend is….why? Why vandalize a bathroom stall to get a “message out” that no one can comprehend. (What up with the math, bro?)

^^ Pretty much how I’m feeling…but then again, I’m not the only one confused out of the 20 something other people I ranted with about this. BTW, we have to sign in and out of class just to go to the bathroom now. B and S!!!

 Seriously, it seems to me the whole point of this crap was to get attention…which she’s not getting because no one knows who she is and if they do….Lucky kid. They turn her in and it’s an easy $200 in their pocket.

Another part of me wonders what this incomprehensible message is trying to convey? Every color has a number…like every individual has individuality?…And every human has a name. Also, speaking of individuality…that’s all I’m getting from it. But I’d LOOOOVVVEEEE to hear from someone about this! What do you think she’s trying to say? I’m literally dying to know…and according to her message, we don’t have much time…

#Joni Juelissa ❤

P.S. One of these days, I’ll post a legit generation cry/rant. Promise.

New Projects, New Attitude

11 Jan
vv The tiger: Will somebody come look at this?! Look at this! vv
There’s a lot I plan on accomplishing this year. But I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever get any of it done. For instance, I’d love some new blog followers, BUT I never really have time to blog with my schedule (Otherwise, I’d probably blog like every other hour; life has a way of becoming a story the second my fingers hit the keyboard).

Then, there’s the masquerade ball coming up at school. Now, being a senior and all this is a big deal for me! It’s my pretty much my last opportunity to admit things–like crushes. But why do that? I’m a girl! THEY–those darn boys–should be doing the asking. Then…

The announcement blared the worst for my anxiety’s sake: Leap year. And what do leap years involve?

Sadie Hawkins. Darn that girl…if she ever really existed. (She didn’t, according to Wikipedia (which I DON’T use, of course not!…It’s based off an American pseudo-holiday due to an old comic strip, apparently?)

On my writer’s side of life (I know that makes no sense just keep reading), I’m getting new projects like crazy! I can’t wait to post one in the future for you guys–for whomever is actually reading this and not just accidentally clicking here…hahaha?
But you’ll have to wait for now…or head over to and look up Joni Juelissa. That’s right ! I’m there! And I have followers, which is a great fact to know as a writer!
#Joni Juelissa ❤

Let’s Talk About…Anxiety and Speechlessness

5 Jan
It’s one of those days. That awesome day that’s so awesome you have nothing to complain about or talk about it…wait, I take that last one back there’s ALWAYS something to talk about.

Like the fact that doctors just announced that cancer death rates are lowering. That’s AWESOME and something to talk about…but I won’t…something more interesting, more eye grabbing…

I’ve got it! Something other than the fact that I didn’t know what to write before!

Decision Making.

Everyone, at some point in their life has to do it! Up until your twenties (or your teens, depending on your independence) we have to decide things on our own. For example, right now I’m deciding between a lifelong dream or a bright, promising education.

<–This + me=not gonna be in the next few months!!!

My lifelong dream (getting a record deal after being on the X Factor) is a HUGE longshot, but possibly one worth taking whereas my bright and promising education–college–has offered me the opportunity to have a solid job working in the film business (which is my passion)…but in the next four years. One has fast opportunities, one that will get my work noticed in months-a year while the other will take awhile. Both will take work.

This is frickin’ tough.

 <–Definitely don’t want that!!!

The reality of this is either way I choose, I will regret not risking my chances with the other. Sure, if I audition for X Factor and don’t make it that far I just come back home and start college in the next semester, but then that begs the question: how (better yet when) would I make up the semester I missed in order to graudate with my class? AND what will I do while I’m waiting for that semester? Get a job, adjust my life into a doldrum (deep depression) state? Become a hermit?

Taking chances for that bright future you’ve been imagining since you knew the word music and realized that was what you constantly have been hearing in your head is TOUGH!

All I can do now is pray…and ask for prayer from my lovely blog readers???

<–Please don’t let this be you!!!

(As far as anxiety goes, take a breath and tell yourself that you’re in a safe place. If you’re not, close your eyes and rest your heartbeat because you will be someday. As far as speechlessness, it only takes speaking to cease that! Just babble, you’ll feel better. I’m doing it right now!)

#Joni Juelissa ❤

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