Freedom Is A Beautiful Thang!

31 Dec
Two words: LICENSE, BABY!!! ❤Yes, the answer to every adolescent’s (well, young adult’s) prayers! A license! That official-plastic card of sweet freedom! I’m excited! It’s been almost a year of a busy schedule, procrastination, and my father’s “professional driver” driving lessons, but…FINALLY!

I decided to talk about freedom today because it’s rarely spoken about anymore! Living in America and all, we have freedoms that’s unheard of in other countries and for that, I’m grateful. I’m one of those unorthodox kind of people. I think about unusual things like: freedom, nature’s beauty, God’s creation, how fast time is going lately (Can you believe we’re two days away from the New Year, it’s ridiculous!). You know things like that.

But freedom really is a beautiful thing: freedom of mind, freedom of speech, freedom of the press (I promise I won’t get political; it ends here.) I don’t know where I’d be without any of these freedoms.

Side note: I’m auditioning for the X Factor (you know, that awesome singing T.V. show with the amazing Simon Cowell who I’ve wanted to sing in front of for years now? You know the one!)!!! Fingers folded in prayer for me, please! 🙂

#Joni Juelissa ❤

Posted by Joni Juelissa

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