Shots and Diaries

23 Dec

Nostalgia. I like the word and the memories it upbrings. And being me that always means humorous memories. For those of you blog-hards who don’t know what nostalgia is it’s basically when you desire to return back to a past time in your life. For example, watching Teenick’s late night 90’s TV special and wishing you were seven years old again while doing scholarship essays. (I’ve been doing this all Winter break so far.)


It’s pretty easy to be overtaken in an nostalgic moment. I always find myself going back into my old diaries. (I’ve gone from being in love with That’s So Raven and Lil’ Romeo to Ridiculousness and Hot Hot Heat; how times have changed me.) But to be honest, I’m glad these moments can still happen. I constantly have nightmares about waking up one morning and no old cartoons like As Told By Ginger…. and Teen Titans [which btw AREN’T played anymore 😦 ] can be found to reminisce back on. Speaking of which, let me just say how sorry I am for the future generations. I’ve seen some of these new cartoons (I won’t name any names…for now) and it makes me wanna cry. It makes me want to find the writers and yell, “You know what wholesome humor is! You were brought up watching them! Why are you doing this to us?!”

On the other hand, guess who got their college shots recently? Yep. This girl. I’ve been lucky and have never had the chicken pow before, but still I find myself with a burning arm from a chicken pox vaccination shot. Why and me?

#Joni Juelissa ❤


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