The Talk

6 Dec

When you have The Talk with my parents, three things are bound to happen:

1. You WILL cry
2. You WILL laugh and
3. You WILL (somehow consensually) confess something you swore you never would.

I don’t know how; they’re like priests or something. I’m just waiting for their confessions of once being a part of the Catholic faith. I mean, they’ve broken people I didn’t think even had feelings…I’ll have to leave the name of that person anonymous.

 <— in case, you can’t see the caption: made even more awkward with the book.

Most of the time, The Talk isn’t even about sex. (except that one time, but I’ll blog about that later). For the most part, it’s about life. They’re based on things I say when I’m pissed off.

What if I don’t wanna go to college?!

…Is it really that wrong to laugh at dirty jokes? (I’m talking racist and sexist here, guys. I have the honor of fitting into both categories. yay!?!?)

What’s wrong with saying douchebag?! <<(This one’s a constant)

You get the point.

 I’m honestly not a cat person at all, but I’ve been posting cat pictures all day…my Jewish friends may be persuading me…Oh. No.

Well, if you’ve had The Talk (you know, that one that was so awkward, or so hilarious–this one’s preferable) or just A Talk (one worth reading on a Monday at 7:40 something-ish at night.) Post back!


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