It’s Official!

4 Dec

NO idea why I decided to write a confessional already (seeing that I don’t have a legit fanbase yet), but I thought What the Heck? This’ll be fun to look back on when I rule the Internet with my humorous genius. So:

                                                                       It’s Official

  1. I’m sick of atleast a quarter of the people I’m friends with on Facebook.

Let me just PMHO (Pour My Heart Out) on this one. Ya see, I’m friends with different kinds of people: the girls who only talk about how in love they are with their boyfriend, the guys who rant on and on every day about how everyone they know is “stupid” and “I hate the world” <— Of course, I’m just being nice and leaving out the words they really said.

 Then you have those friends who only seem to be online to ask you for favors. Just some examples, “Hey, can I catch a ride to school with you tomorrow?”, “Do you know how (Insert teacher who I swear lives for the joy of torturing us with BS homework’s name here) wants this paper?”, etc.

 I love these people (I mean, I “like” their statuses and stuff and have respect for them), but guys, complaining on Facebook about life sucking? Really? Don’t bum people out with that stuff!

        2. I’ve officially decided to post every day–except Sundays!

 I’m gonna be like the Internet’s Chick-Fil-A or something–I mean, hopefully if I post funny stuff six times a week, eventually someone’ll run across it and pass on the Only Joni goodness! (Speaking of which, right now: Get on Facebook (if you’re not already on) and share this. Go, I’ll wait……..’Kay)

       3. This blog is gonna be frickin’ awesome….or one of the greatest fails of my life if no one reads it!

 No explanation needed hopefully I mean, that’s pretty much self-explanatory!

 So to all you amazing Internet people out there I say: MAKE ME PROUD!

 FB share this, e-mail this to your friends old and new (I’m talking age and friendship status here), Print this out and post it somewhere random (and try not to get arrested in the process).

 Oh! One more thing!


 Comment me about anything (I don’t like haters though so don’t go commenting hater posts). I do appreciate comments so comment back on my posts (what you liked about the post, what you think I should talk more about on the topic of that post, a funny story my post reminded you of, etc.) Which leads me to: SUGGEST.

 Suggest topics for me! (and I don’t say this because I’m already running out of ideas because trust me I’ve constantly got plenty ideas and can go on and on about anything!) But if you have a question or need advice about something, anything just HMU (Joni got you!)

 And don’t forget to follow! I like followers. If this was Tumblr, I’d give all of my followers gifts.

 Fin. (I’ll think of a more creative closing tomorrow!)

#Joni Juelissa ❤


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